About Us


Mindful Kitchens began..

 in early 2016 as a concept to share our recipes for superior meat alternative products. On the supermarket shelves we could not find exactly what we wanted to eat, and the closest products out there simply didn't taste good. Vegan cuisine needed to be elevated. 

After developing our techniques and innovating some new flavors, we began selling our first seitan charcuterie products in April 2016. We started at farmer's markets and as the year progressed, we grew to many more markets, festivals, pop-ups, storefronts, and online.  The foods we make grew as well. We added new product lines and crafted our original recipes to their current state.  Our mission is to Elevate Vegan Cuisine and we invite you to share in our creations. 

Meet the Founders


Mizuki Arai was born in Tokyo and grew up in Westchester. Proximity to New York and her Japanese culture culminated in her astute culinary abilities. As a business major, Mizuki is applying her entrepreneurial acumen to Mindful Kitchens. When she is not creating new products, she is often innovating in the home kitchen, mastering a workout circuit, or hiking with her dog, Cooper. 


Andre Keating grew up vegetarian and competed as a meat-free athlete playing lacrosse. In college he studied environmental courses, motivating him to work towards a greener future. For Andre, Mindful Kitchens is a culmination of his passions for sustainability and ethics. In his free time, Andre enjoys fitness training, disc golf, music, and studying Japanese.