Elevated Vegan Cuisine

Conscious eaters know that what they eat can have profound impact on the world. Therefore, a conscious eater knows where their food comes and the environmental and ethical consequences of their choices. 

Mindful Kitchens makes delicious plant-based sausage slices, marinated Seitan steak strips, vegan pâté, and deluxe veggie burgers. At Mindful Kitchens, we use only the highest quality ingredients, most are regionally sourced, and many of which are from right here in the Hudson Valley.

Modern Take on a Buddhist Tradition

Mindful Kitchens products come with exciting modern twists, but the basis of our creations is in a very ancient food: Seitan.

The proteins in wheat can be isolated through a process of forming a dough, then washing out the starch and retaining only the protein. The result is a protein-packed food known as Seitan. Seitan derives its name from the Japanese words 'True Protein' because of its meaty texture. Zen Buddhist monks have eaten Seitan for millennia because it is an ethical and sustainable source of nutrition. 

Mizuki & Andre

Mindful Kitchens was created as an innovative solution to satisfy desires for products that do not exist.  Unsatisfied with the commercially available offerings of meat and cheese alternatives, we began to make our own at home. Technical and culinary creativity, attention to detail, and many, many, test batches later we developed the products you can now enjoy. 

We started this company with the mission to elevate vegan cuisine, share our appreciation of food, and promote sustainable lifestyles. We invite all conscious eaters to join our feast!